Por que Professor de Inglês deve fazer o CELTA

Por que Professor de Inglês deve fazer o CELTA

Desde que foi introduzido na década de 1960, o CELTA – Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, antes Certificado em Ensino de Inglês para Falantes de Outras Línguas, tornou-se uma qualificação essencial para o ensino de língua inglesa. É um...

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I am Upset!

Teaching Tips for English Teachers. There are presently too many who teach English without having adequate English teaching qualifications. This video discusses the need for teachers of English to gain a proper qualification in teaching...

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How I started teaching

Teaching Tips for English Teachers. This video provides an example of a career path in English language teaching and what you can do to start your own career as a teacher of English.

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What´s the correct meaning? What´s the right use?

Teaching Tips for English Teachers – Some words in English are often confused because they are similar in the learners` own language, but used differently in English. So, in this video we are going to answer these 3 questions:Are “fruit” and “vegetables” countable or non-countable? How are “doubts” and “questions”

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How to Clarify Collocations

Teaching Tips for English Teachers. This video describes how collocations are often taught in course books and why this is not always done effectively. It also suggests a more logical approach teachers of English can adopt in the classroom for clarifying collocations...

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